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Do All Of Your New Customers Come From Recommendations?



We come across a lot of good businesses who have fantastic reputations but struggle to get new business outside of those recommendations. This severely limits the growth of these businesses.


We are working with Digital Marketer to double the size of 10,000 businesses.


With Digital Marketer, we have put together a check list of 73 double your sales opportunities. 


This is based on real world examples of doubling the sales of thousands of businesses worldwide.


It is split into three sections based on the legendary marketer Jay Abraham’s three business growth opportunities.

These are:


1) Get more customers


2) Get customers to spend more when buying your main product or service


3) Get your existing customers to spend more frequently with you


These are the only ways a business can grow..


The most obvious opportunity is to get more customers and the check list has a lot of ways to do that.


However, most businesses should spend their resources on getting more revenue from existing customers first and increasing the Life Time Value of their customers before focusing on acquiring new customers.


By maximising the revenue of existing customers, it means not only are you increasing your profit per customer, but you are increasing the amount you can spend on acquiring customers. This means you can spend more on marketing to acquire new customers profitably. 


Whoever can spend the most on customer acquisition wins…


This puts you at a significant competitive advantage.


Implementing just one of these can have a significant impact on your business.


Make sure you are not missing out on any of these revenue opportunities.


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